2nd IGJJF Tournament
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The Venue

Day 1
(Saturday, August 28, 2004)
Helio Gracie
Pat "Hawk" Hardy
Helio & Riane Gracie
Rorion Gracie
Rorion & Helio Gracie
Ed O'Neal & Kid Peligro
Helio & Royce Gracie
Ray "Boom-Boom" Mancini
Jeff Glover & Brian Cimins
Ray Mancini & Helio Gracie
Ray Mancini & Royce Gracie
Mancini & Royce
Jeff Glover (being interviewed for GTV) & GTV correspondent, Felicia Oh
Jeff Glover & Bill Cooper
Gumby & Pat Hardy
Steve Magdalena tying up with Ryan Gregg in the brown belt finals
(l to r) Chet (Rorion brown belt), unknown, Ryan Gregg
Clay Copeland & Shaq
Hawk, Elliot Marshal & Ryron Gracie
Hawk, Elliot & Ryron
Helio & Rorion
Men's white belts
Women's division
Women's division
Men's Senior blue
155 and under blue
Men's blue belts

Men's brown belts (l to r: Magdelena, Gregg & Ebarb)
Men's brown belts (1st: Elliot Marshal)
Men's purple open, winner: Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover's first back-jumping attack on Mike Weaver in the open finals. His next back-jump attack would be successful, with a choke for the win, in a most dramatic fashion. Unfortunately, I did not catch that sequence in pictures. :-(

Day 2
(Sunday, August 29, 2004)

Helio Gracie
Randy Bloom
Richad Bressler
Rodrigo Medeiros (right)
(l to r) Rener, Mike Rose, Steve & Cindy Magdalena
Bill Cooper & Pedro Elias
Mike Rose
Cindy & Paulo "Junior" Gazze
Rodrigo & John Ouano
TPC: Clay Copeland (blue) & Randall Ebarb (brown)
The Boyz: (l to r) Jeff Glover, Mike Weaver & Bill Cooper
Michael Clarke-Duncan
Ryron Gracie vs. Joao Cunha
Ryron & Joao
Cameron Earle in action
3rd place match: Joao Cunha vs (?)
Joao wins 3rd
Ryron Gracie vs. Cameron Earle
Rorion awarding Helio a plaque
Ryron, Hawk & Cameron
Ryron and Jeff clowning...
Ralek Gracie winning his semi-final match
Purple Belt Final: Jeff Glover vs. Bill Cooper
Cooper controlling Glover
Glover holding on
Glover going for broke
Glover advancing position
... still going
Cooper up-ending Glover...
... end over end
Cooper wins an epic battle on points
Mike Weaver subbing Ralek Gracie in the finals
Ryron showing Jeff the finer points of the straight leg lock.

FLYING ARMBAR: Courtesy of Jeff Glover (blue gi) and Bill Cooper

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