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If you know Extreme Challenge then you know one of the greatest pioneers of MMA, Monte Cox. He put together a fight card that I think is one of the most interesting ones of the year in his first show Adrenaline. He took guys from the WEC, IFL, and the UFC and from other local events and made his card stand out. I was really interested in Rory Markham and Mike Russow vs. Jason Guida. After a pathetic attempt on TUF this was his weight class and he had been training for a fight so this was going to prove one way or another if he was all that and a bag of chips too! Oh man and that hard hitting Bart Palaszewski was also up on the card to battle back from his loss in the IFL.

However first up was going to be Joe Jordan and Ryan Williams. In the first round Ryan was making a statement that he wasn’t worried about the record he was there to bang. Joe was making a statement too. I think it was if I leave my hands down the entire round will this guy take me to the ground but I’m not sure! So the entire first round was about Ryan throwing some good punches and a couple kicks and Joe getting hit and throwing a couple of his own. The round ended with Ryan getting a takedown at the last second of the round. Now the second round was a copy of the first but this time Joe stepped up a bit with his own punches landing some hard looping fists to Ryans skull. They danced quite a bit in this round but the third well that was the changing of the…oh wait that’s another fantasy nope this was the same as the second and it was Joe that was able to dance out a decision in his favor.

Clay French and Jameel Massouh kicked it into high gear and in the first round Jameel was able to go punch for punch with Clay and stopped a nice double leg attempt from Clay to keep it standing. Yeah that lasted about another 15 seconds and Clay got it to the ground and started to ensue a nice ground and pound. Oh and hey Bas it’s the rubber guard not the f’ing butterfly guard! Jameel tries to get it to his feet but pays with a right to face and Clay almost getting his back. Jameel gets to half guard but he is taking some damage to do so. For the rest of the round Clay GnPd his way to the end but not after Jameel gets it back on the feet but he is the one that catches the left hand of Clay. With an attempted superman punch Clay pushed him off and shot in, and got the double leg just at the bell. Round 2 off a round house Clay gets inside up against the cage and right back to the ground. Clay was able to get half guard then to side control where Jameel made the mistake of turning away from Clay and for the next 40 seconds give or take Jameel had to fight off a RNC. Well it didn’t work to well and at about the 3:55 mark he had to tap to the RNC.

Rory Markham and Jay Ellis was the third fight shown and Jay was ready to roll but I don’t think he was ready to climb but that’s what he did. Some ridicules running over Rory move that literally looked like he just climbed right over Rory and landed on his hands and knees behind Rory and Rory took full advantage of this and spun around and put Jay against the cage and started to ground and pound him. To his credit when Rory was trying to pass he got reversed but Jay made the other mistake and in his flurry of trying to punch Rory he left his head and arm out for Rory to Triangle him 57 seconds into the first round. Calm down Jay calm down!

Jeff Cox and Bart Palaszewski and maybe it was me but Bart just looked way more comfortable on the feet than Jeff but when Jeff shot the double leg and got it Bart worked to the guard and Jeff tried to work the head of Bart. Jeff was able to land quite a few punches but Bart really was calm and worked his open guard looking for submissions. Jeff defended them and end of round one was Bart on his back with Jeff working the top. Round 2 was a bit different with Jeff getting a couple shots off on Bart and Bart shot in for a nice double leg that Jeff defended. In the middle of the round Bart defended a shot and came back with nice combos of his own that rocked Jeff. Jeff pushed Bart against the cage, Bart stuffed it and back in the middle a kick to mid section and Jeff was in trouble as Bart started to pick Jeff apart with combos, kicks and shots. Jeff was running from Bart at one point and Bart set up a high kick with a nice left to the body and when Jeff leaned away from it Bart delivered the right high kick to the head and the TKO win!

Brian Gassaway took on the oh so game Forrest Petz and with lots of punches thrown in the first 30 seconds Forrest puts Brian against the cage but Brian gets the reversal and delivers some nice knees and punches. They get separated due to well just boardum on the part of the ref and during a decent exchange between the two of them Brian lands a hard left upper cut that puts Forrest on the mat in a slow motion drop to his knee but Brian jumps on him like hes a wounded animal puts him against the cage and to Forrest’s credit with Brian all over him he gets his back taken but defends and rolls but Brian is mounted and all over him so he tries to go to his knees at the end of the round Brian has hooks in for a rear mount and Forrest is getting hammered. Round two Forrest looks like he recovered the flash ko and didn’t get gun shy at all as he stood and traded with Brian for the first couple minutes then in a clinch Brian gets the body lock to takedown where its actually Forrest that works the guard and is busy on the bottom. Brian looked gassed and the ref had to stand em up again! Forrest was way more aggressive with punches and was more effective. Brian was had effective breathing as he got taken down to the guard in the last minute of the round. A bit of GnP and ding end of the round. Round 3 started off with Forrest and Brian working the stand up and Brian got in a good shot to the nose of Forrest. Brian looked very tired as Forrest looked for huge looping shots. But during a flurry Forrest shot in took Brian down and just about mounted him. Brian used his “experience” to get back to guard but that double leg may have sealed the win for Forrest. You could see the added lump to Brian’s head getting bigger by the second as Forrest working from the guard then at the 20 second mark the ref stood them up! That was ridicules as Forrest was working and did not stop from the GnP. Brian looked exhausted as Forrest ran around the ring with his arms up. And the decision goes to Forrest Fetz and rightfully so!

Terry Martin and Daiju Takase was the co-main event and they started off there was a distinct difference in height and reach to Daiju but it was Terry that got the right shot to Daiju’s face to drop him the beginning of the round. Daiju backed away and tried to stay out of Terry’s fists way but Terry was relentless on him so Daiju tried for a single leg and was a bit slow getting up after the sprawl. Standing back up Terry caught the game Daiju with a right hook as he tried one of his own which dropped him like a stone! He stood up real slow and Terry let him instead of finishing it and continued the onslaught of punches. Every time Daiju would try to shoot or jump guard Terry made him pay. A nut shot got Daiju the time he needed to recover as the doc came to talk to Terry. It was a nasty shot! Daiju immediately went to Terry and showed the respect that it was not intentional. The fight continued even through the bell for a couple seconds! Round 2 started off with Terry catching another nut shot but continued the match and Daiju shot in for a double that Terry easily sprawled on and got back up. The stand up display of Terry was making Daiju very cautious and then one more groin shot got Daiju a point deduction. Again the fight continued and they continued the stand up and the shot and sprawl. This time Terry stayed on top with a head and arm and landed some shots to the body! The break up and the stand up, sounds like a bad date huh? Well for Daiju it was as he got worked over in the stand up but with a bit of flurry Daiju kicked Terry again in the crotch and the ref stepped in and said the end of this match! Terry got the win by a painful DQ of Daiju.

The main event put Jason Guida and Mike Russow center stage and I gotta say Jason looked even more outta shape than his TUF showing. Oh well the stand up war began and Mike pushed Jason to the cage and worked a couple shots here and there but Jason pummeled his way out of danger until about a minute and a half in Mike got a single leg and some work on Mike’s part and some coaching from Clay to Jason got him back up on his feet. Mike delivered some shots as he had Jason against the cage and then drops for a takedown which Jason defended and it looked like Jason had Mike in a guillotine but Mike defended with one of his own and pushed Jason against the cage where he had him trapped ala Horn vs. Marquardt in a guillotine choke of his own and got he tap 2:10 in round 1.



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