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Friday night fights couldn't have come soon enough for me! I haven't been able to attend an MMA show in quite some time and I was really looking forward to this show. Tedd has always put on great shows with great match ups and I was not disappointed in this show! First off it was in a place that brings a kind of nostalgic attmosphere to the show, the old Fox sport theater in San Bernardino, now the ASU or American Sports University Sports Club was host to this episode: Savage. Now its kind of hard to discribe but if you can picture an old west theater where the dancing girls were on stage and a bunch of rednecks yelling, hoopin and hollerin, well thats kinda what I would imagine it would be like back then, then you get the idea of what is was a little bit well jump to 2008 you throw a cage at the front of the stage some guys that are ready to brawl, open the bar and listen to the crowd go crazy as the first fighter of the night is introduced it brings you back to reality and what we are really here for. Fights, fights and more fights!

Victor Rodarte won over Albert Hill

The fight started out with absolutely no "feeling out" process what so ever as Victor pushed Albert against the cage and as they spun Albert got the take down. While Victor was able to reverse the position and got to his feet where is was delivering some hard uppercuts and when the knees came into the midsection of Albert it dropped him to the mat (later I had heard there was an illegal knee thrown but I really didnt see it.) and Victor was able to secure a rear naked choke in about a minute and a half of round 1.

Chris Kirtley won over Paul Webb

This fight started out both fighters coming across the cage, I blinked and one was left standing! The end. Seriously that was it. I'd say it was under 10 seconds, with a right cross Chris ended this bout quickly and not so painlessly.

Tyson Threadgill won over A J Zunner

The beginning of this fight started off with some serious punches being thrown by some big guys! Tyson had pushed AJ against the fence after some combos but left himself open for a guillotine, then something strange happened, AJ was talking to the ref as Tyson had him against the cage and as soon as they separated AJ fell to the mat holding his ribs. Fighter safety first as always and the fight was called in Tyson's favor. The docs came in made sure AJ was ok and what had happened was due to AJ's exaustion and he was unable to continue so the doc's called it in the first round.

Steve Waltson won over Darvis Triche

This match started out with a flurry of punches being delivered by both and when the time was right Steve shot in got a double leg and put Darvis on his back. After securing side control and an attempted head and arm choke, Steve snuck in the win with an Americana to end the fight in the first round.

Did you guys notice a theme here yet? Not a fight went out of the first round until this next match up with Daniel Adams and Christopher Sullivan. As it happened this fight was, in alot of peoples opinion the fight of the night! Round 1 was just a non-stop pounding and Daniel got the first takedown but was unable to keep it down there and the fight was back on the feet! To me it was Daniel ahead at the end of the round only because he did get the takedown and he landed a few more shots.

Round 2 was really a repeat of 1 other than it was a flip with Christopher working a tight guillotine with his back against the cage, Christopher changed levels got a double leg but was immediatly reversed and it was Daniel that was on the attack and he threw a couple front push kicks and landed a few more hard punches. This being a two round match I had it a draw and when the judges came back I'll be if they didn't agree! Can you say rematch and possibly a third round? The world may never know!

Tim Moon won over J P Baca

This was JP's first MMA match up and you could see that Tim had some experience over the young upstart but that really didn't stop JP from putting on a show and a never say quit attitude. That was put to the test as after some great stand up by both Tim got a takedown but it was on the second takedown that put JP in trouble and defending a rear naked choke. JP kept his cool escaped and rolled his opponent off to get his guard. The end of round 1 found JP on his back and Tim ground and pounding til the bell.

Round two was another repeat of round one and the exchanges in the begining JP landed some hard left and right leg kicks. Tim double legs him and gets mounted JP rolls it over but is caught in a triangle Tim uses a teepee triangle but JP escapes and in a scramble Tim is able to get JP's back hooks in deep and starts to pound on JP until the ref stops the fight 10 seconds from the end of round 2. Tim walks away the victor.

James Moontasri won over Jade Delong

The first round of this fight was just a crazy mix it up of kicks punches and throws. Jade got James to the mat, was looking for the mount but was denied as James fought to his feet but not to be a quiter Jade secures a double leg on James and slams him hard to the mat. James not wanted to be where he was stood up and even gave up his back to Jade for a bit. Jade got a hook in but it just wasnt enough to keep James down. The end of the first round, Jade is in James' guard and doing a bit of GnP but really had nothing on them.

Round two kicked off, literally and split Jades forehead open and ended the match under a minute.

Mike Sandez won over Beau Serat

I know Mike Sandez as the guy that beat one of my classmates, Art Ruiz, in a tough three round battle and I had expected Mike to put on a good show. When the fight started Beau was getting the better of the stand up and Mike wisly took it to the ground where he slipped quickly through Beau's guard and attaining the mount and threw some heavy leather on Beau forcing him to turn and give his back for Mike to work a rear naked choke about 2 and a half minutes in the first round.

Steve Eakins and Robert Zunner didnt last long at all due to a accidental eye gouge. Up close it was very obvious that Zunner was caught across his right eye. A no contest was announced to a crowd of booing on lookers.

Brian Hayes and Isaac Newman-Gomez

This was a classic bout of striker (Gomez) vs. wrester (Hayes) and it was obvious on the onset that Hayes wanted this on the ground no matter what and Isaac wanted this to stay up no matter what. Well Hayes gets his wish and gets the double leg but he paid for it as his cornerman Craig Buchanan yelled to knee up the middle! Isaac had his work cut out for him as he was on his butt against the cage with Hayes just holding him there. Hayes never tried to advance and I was really suprised it wasn't stood up sooner. Isaac had to work his way up the cage and get it back where he wanted it. He eventually did and Hayes did the same thing and shot in got a single leg after he was tired of getting hit. Isaac ended up on his back at the end of round one.

Round two Isaac was able to sprawl on the tired Hayes and swing to the side and deliver some hard hammer fists and then to the back and deliver more heavy hits but Isaac left a bit of an opening and Hayes was able to work it back to his feet and get Isaac against the cage and Hayes got it back to the mat with a single leg but again he never threw a punch and then something you RARELY see with a 6'8" 260 lbs. man he was working on a rubber guard on his left side. Hayes started to pass Isaac's guard and that was when the quit came from Hayes. He was just to tired to continue. As Hayes was laying there I heard him say he couldn't breath and once again the docs came in to do an assessment on him. After a bit of rest and TLC from the docs Hayes was helped outta the cage. (Just a personal note to you Hayes, dump the disrespectful drunk blonde before its to late!)

Ok so with that off my chest and on the net the main event was announced and to a thunderous roar of approval the Light Heavy Weight Gladiator Challenge Championship Belt was about to be given to either James Cordrey or Abner Aponte. Both fighters came out looking to brawl but James gets a double leg and lands in side control where he started to work for a kimura. Somewhere along the way James got his nose popped but James started to work that kimura but Aponte wasn't given that up and was able to reverse the position but just like that he was stuck in a tight triangle. Aponte got a bit to high, James rolled over with the triangle still on tight and landed on top. From there James just rained down on Aponte until the ref stepped in and stopped the match. James Cordrey is the Light Heavy Weight Gladiator Challenge Champ.

That was the end of the night and I can tell you I am really looking forward to the next event. Stay tuned cause with any luck yours truly, Grappletv, will be there to bring it to you!




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