Grappler's Quest - Las Vegas
November 6, 2004

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The Venue - Durango High School

Bill Cooper
Becca and Felicia
Caique BB, Mike Rose weighing -in
Ulysses with one of his kids
Gazzy and Jeff
Kid's division
... more kids
Felicia in action
Eliot and Uly coach their fighters
Helio Gracie enters the gym
Ryron vs. Marc
Ryron Gracie (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Marc Laimon (Cobra Kai Jiu-Jitsu)
Some of the action...
Coach Rener
... action continues
Accidental groin shot...
Marc gets time to recouperate...
Franginha, Ryan, & John
Marc wins, 7 - 2 (20 minutes)
Jeff Glover vs. Diego Saraiva
Glover vs. Saraiva
Saraiva wins 2 - 0
Sandro "Batata" Santiago vs. Jordan "Superfreak" Damon
Nak and Todd coaching Jordan
Santiago vs. Damon
Todd and Jordan
Dave vs. Paulo
Guilobel vs. Camarillo
Eddie coaching Paulo
Paulo Guillobel loses to Dave Camarillo, ref's decision
Tyrone Glover vs. Joe Stevenson
Brandon Vera
Tyrone beats Joe
Rafael Lovato, Jr.
Mike Rose
Eddie Bravo
Mike vs. Jamal
Mike Rose vs. Jamal Patterson
Jamal wins
Rafael Lovato, Jr. vs. Eduardo Telles
Telles wins, 4 - 0
Sandro "Batata" Santiago vs. Diego Saraiva, Batata wins
Tyrone Glover vs. Dave Camarillo
Tyrone wins, 4 - 0
Jamal Patterson vs. Eduardo Telles
4-Man Superfight Winners
Baret Yoshida
Becca in action, she was a game fighter, but came up a little short this time. Keep at it Becca!
After getting his knee tweaked, Uly gets the win
Andrew (Goatfury) in action
Baret in action
Glover vs. Sonny (Cobra Kai JJ)
Laimon and Baroni
Jefff Monson
Monson and Baroni
Jeff Monson vs. Joe Stevenson
Monson wins
Rudini, Mr. Unorthodox, in action
... an unfortunate loss against a young whipper-snapper
Chick-magnet and grappling stud, Uly Gomez (this girl actually came after Uly to watch him fight!)
Glover, dominating, as usual.
Jeff Glover
Uly goes to work to avenge Rudini's loss... he came up a bit short, but not before sacrificing his ankle.
Baret Yoshida vs. Steve Magadalena, Baret wins, 8 - 4
Uly's busted-up ankle
Felicia in yet another picture-perfect win
Rudini and Scotty
Felicia's 4th match of the day
Felicia working the armbar for the win
Gazzy winning in quick fashion
Gazzy and Ryan
Felicia Oh vs. Gazzy Parman, Women's Absolute final
After a hard-fought battle by both women, Gazzy pulls out the win, 3 - 0
Marc coaching his fighter, against Baret Yoshida. Baret won
Some random pics of the California desert that I took while driving back home to Los Angeles from GQ.© 2003-2005. All rights reserved.