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Pan-American Championship 2008

My only task this day was to follow the Open Weight Class and the Finals as much as I could and over the next couple of days, months, weeks I will be doing updates to this write up! Just kidding. I will try to get as much information to you as possible for this years Pan Ams. This page is all the open class, I think! So enjoy and I will get the rest of what I saw soon!

Marcel Fortuna was the first to fall to Galvao when time ran out and he was down on points. Rafael Lovato Jr. met up with Otavio Souza in the second round of elimination and Otavio pulled guard to work off his back when Rafael was caught off guard and Otavio sat up and took a single leg that put Rafael on his back. Not to be out done by this Rafael worked an open guard and was pushing for sweep after sweep and just could not get Otavio over. He tried to go under and out the backdoor but Otavio stopped him and as Rafael went to his knees Otavio was able to swing around and take his back then work for a collar choke that put Rafael on the defense, as he tried to spin around and face Otavio, Otavio was able to secure half mount. Rafael was eventually able to get back to open guard and get back to his game but he was down on points he did rally at the last couple of minutes and got a sweep and started to work for an armbar at the end but he just was not able to get the needed points to win.

Lucas Leite was able to win his first hard match to advance in his quest for the coveted open weight medal. In his second match he met Alexandre De Souza and he didn’t fair as well as he got submitted by an armbar after working hard from the bottom.

Tarsis Humphreys and Alexandre De Souza met and Alexandre pulled guard first and immediately started to work for a knee bar, sweep but then it stalled for a bit and Tarsis was able to work from the top until he got in guard. Alexandre worked a high guard and made an attempt at an armbar, which Tarsis was able to defend but just! After Tarsis had to work to escape a tough open guard of Alexandre, especially after a triangle attempt, a sweep attempt which he almost got but he was still down on advantage points. In the end Alexandre’s fight on the bottom and sub attempts got him the win.

I was able to catch Andre Galvao and Fernando di Pierros match but just barely. I saw the end of the match and saw that Andre was on his back and had worked a sweep to a pass and in a struggle that went off the mat, taken Fernando’s back and secured an arm in collar choke. I didn’t get the Otavio Souza vs. Roberto Tozi match but heard it was Tozi mostly on top and got the win on points. Andre Galvao ended up meeting Luiz Theodoro, Andre pulled guard on the bigger Luiz and that where the fight finished as Andre was able to secure a tight cross collar choke and sweep to the mount for the finish.

In the mean time Roberto Tozi and Alexandre de Souza had been going on the mat and I missed most of that match but Tozi had been able to secure his win to the finals with a nice performance of position and win on points to get to finals to face Andre Galvao.

Roberto Tozi and Andre Galvao met in the finals of the open weight and it was Galvao that made the first move as he shot in Tozi backed off so he pulled guard looking for a cross collar choke. When that failed he went to open butterfly guard with one foot on the bicep. After a bit of struggle that foot on the bicep got Galvao a sweep and to side control, from there he worked to pass guard. Tozi kept him in half guard for awhile but Galvao controlled the top and he eventually looked for an armbar over the top but Tozi countered but it put him in a bad position as Galvao was able to take his back and work a collar choke for the win.

The ladies, not to be out done and in the finals had a great battle between Michelle Nicolini of Brasa with Luciana Dias of Gracie Humaita, as Luciana pulled guard and started to work a collar choke that I thought was going to end the match but Michelle defended but got swept for her trouble. Back at the center of the mat Luciana was working hard to get past that guard of Michelle’s but it wasn’t until Michelle opened up and got an omoplatta sweep on her that Michelle went on the attack and passed her guard to get side control. Luciana then returned the favor got a sweep and proceded to work past her guard Michelle got her back to guard worked for a triangle but missed and turned to give her back. Luciana pulled Michelle back to get her hooks in a Michelle took that opportunity to turn and get in her guard. Luciana attempted a cross collar choke, Michelle defended but had to get to her feet to try to work a pass but after a little off the mat rollin at about 9 minutes in the score was 7 and 1 advantage to 8 and 4 advantages. The last part of the match found them both going all out trying to get the score but in the end it was Luciana that took the hard fought match!




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