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Southern California Pro-Am DVD

MSRP: $39.95, Sale Price: $30
Reduced: $19!!! (plus shipping & handling)

The Tournament
If you haven’t already heard, on May 24, 2003, a historical submission tournament took place, “behind closed doors”. GrappleTV.com put together some of the nation’s foremost submission grapplers in an under 200lbs., 16-man, NTL, invitational tournament.

The tournament format was as follows:
• 16 Invited Competitors
• Under 200lbs.
• No Time Limit
• Double Elimination
• 2 Weight Brackets (8 lightest and the 8 heaviest)
• No Stalling (penalized)

The primary goal of this tournament was not only to pit the nation’s top, under 200lbs. fighters against each other in a “no time limit” environment, but to produce a DVD like no other. For this reason, the tournament was shot with up to 7 different camera angles.

The final product will be true, pressed DVD’s, not DVD-R’s. We will also have them coded “ALL” to take advantage of international distribution, with no concerns for playback compatibility.

Cassio Werneck (Werneck JJ)
Jeff Newton
Rener Gracie (Gracie JJ)
Joe Stevenson (Ted Williams)
Mario Flores
Sean Spangler (J-Sect/Nova Uniao JJ)
Jason Miller (Team Oyama)
Kenny Bond (Machado)
Gerald Strebendt (10th Planet)
Drew Fickett (Gustavo Machado)
Andy Wang (rAw/Grappling Unlimited)
Joe Camacho(Silva JJ)
Tyrone Glover (Werneck JJ)
Dennis Asche (Machado)
Paulo Guillobel (Machado)
Anthony Tolone (Marcio Simas)

Jimmy Smith
Jamie Walsh

Cassio Werneck vs. Jeff Newton
Rener Gracie vs. Joe Stevenson
Mario Flores vs. Sean Spangler
Jason Miller vs. Kenny Bond
Gerald Strebendt vs. Drew Fickett
Andy Wang vs. Joe Camacho
Tyrone Glover vs. Dennis Asche
Paulo Guillobel vs. Anthony Tolone
Cassio Werneck vs. Rener Gracie
Sean Spangler vs. Jason Miller
Jeff Newton vs. Joe Stevenson
Mario Flores vs. Kenny Bond
Andy Wang vs. Drew Fickett
Tyrone Glover vs. Paolo Guillobel
Gerald Strebendt vs. Joe Camacho
Dennis Asche vs. Anthony Tolone
Rener Gracie vs. Jason Miller
Sean Spangler vs. Cassio Werneck
Kenny Bond vs. Joe Stevenson
Andy Wang vs. Tyrone Glover
Jimmy Smith vs. Gerald Strebendt
Dennis Asche vs. Drew Fickett
Cassio Werneck vs. Joe Stevenson
Jimmy Smith vs. Drew Fickett
Jason Miller vs. Joe Stevenson
Jimmy Smith vs. Jamie Walsh
Rener Gracie vs. Tyrone Glover

Todd Margolis (Linxx Academy) vs. Ryron Gracie (Gracie JJ)

Tournament Quick Statistics:
• Submission Percentage: 64%
• Average Fight Time: 7:44

For Check or Money Order orders, please make out and send to:
P.O. Box 4709
Carson, CA 90749


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