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Strikeforce Payback

Strikeforce Payback was held in the Broomfield Event Center. Where Dwane Ludwig was going to try to get revenge for his loss to Sam Morgan but in other fights on the card was Frank Trigg and Falaniko Vitale were going to be meeting as the co main event. Prior to this event Frank had fought in Japan so health is a question for him. The rest of the card was Ricky Johnson taking on Tyler Toner, Carlos Zevallos and Andre Walker, Tyra Parker vs. Michelle Waterson, Billy Evangelista is taking on Luke Caudillo and Pete Spratt vs. Donnie Liles.

Ricky Johnson, Behring BJJ taking on Tyler Toner, Easton BJJ in the featherweight division was the first match shown. Ricky was 0 and 1 coming into the fight and Ricky was 2 and 1 Ricky comes in with some high kicks and Tyler reacts with his own combos. Ricky looked a bit reserved and Tyler seemed a bit more composed. Against the fence Tyler comes across with a nice over head elbow. Coming off the fence Tyler throws a front kick that just missed. Back in the middle these two BJJ guys are throwing blows! It sure seems like they didn’t want to go to the ground although Tyler was getting the better of the stand up. Tyler really mixed the stand up but it was a nice knee that put Ricky down but he recovered quickly and ran to get away from the onslaught. Then Tyler did what a lot of guys do and Tyler got overly happy and when he threw a right kick to the body and Ricky caught it and landed a nice right which put them on the ground with Tyler caught on the bottom but only for a bit as Ricky had a guillotine but he passed the guard to side control and was not in any danger. The bell rang and it was off to round 2 where Ricky came out firing nice combos. Ricky was not doing well against the stand up as he took some hard kicks to the body. Tyler wound up in the guard of Ricky as a knee sweep to work the ground and pound. Ricky was getting hammered but even mounted Ricky really showed heart as the ref stepped in to stop the match. Tyler showed some very nice striking ability and control.

The girls took center stage as Tyra Parker taking on Michelle Waterson and Tyra came in with a BJJ background under Rush MMA where Michelle comes in with a Muay Thai and her MMA under Jackson’s submission fighting with a 4 and 3 record. These two started off bangin in the middle of the cage but ended up getting pinned against the cage where Michelle landed some hard ass knees to Tyra’s face which turned Tyra around and she took her back and dragged her to the mat and sunk in a nice rear naked choke for the win at just 1:20 of the first round.

Carlos Zevallos and Andre Walker were the first light heavies to take the cage and this being Carlos’s “MMA” debut he is a Muay Thai champion. But Andre wanted to win this match by KO! Well we shall see! Well in the opening round the Muay Thai champ was put on his ass by a nice left jab and while against the cage Andre really tried to end it but Carlos was able to push Andre away and it was back to the feet for Andre to continue an assault on Carlos. Carlos had a clinch and it looked like Andre was burnt out and was landing some shots just not that hard of shots. Carlos had Andre against the cage and landed some knees and over head shots but Andre escaped and after some more trading in the middle. At one point they ended up against the cage and Andre tired to single leg inside trip but it was Carlos that ended up in side and eventuall in the mounted position and punched his way to a victory and the ref stepped in to stop the fight just 20 seconds to the end of the round. Early? Maybe, but the ref had had seen enough!

Next up was the 7 and 0 Billy Evangelista and Luke Caudillo at 14-10 with 10 k’s this should be a test for Billy and a mark for Luke! This match was nuts as Caudillo caught Billy with a huge left jab that put Billy on the mat where Luke jumped on him and caught him again with a overhand right but Billy wasn’t about to give up and he recovered quickly and the war was back on. I thought that match was over after 3 knock downs but great recovery by Billy. Billy tried a knee but Luke caught him with a right. Luke tried a left kick but Billy caught it and put him on the ground for a second. In the last minute of the match it was Billy that was dominating that match and at the bell Luke was pounding on a turtled up Luke.
Round 2 was a bit like the first right in the beginning but then after about 2 minutes in and some flying knees from Billy you could see that he was finding his range and was looking to pick Luke apart. After a failed shot attempt he would follow up with a nice knee. Not much happened in round 2 as Luke really was patient and didn’t really get over anxious for the KO.
Round 3 was much like the second as Billy pressured the match and Luke waited for a shot. Billy was actually the one to get a double leg on Luke and had him against the cage where he did some ground and pound. With not much happening on the ground the ref stood them up and in the center a bit of exchanging and Luke shot in for a double leg but just couldn’t finish it. Billy pushed him off and it was back to center stage for some stand up and this is where finished the judges were left to make a decision that went to Billy as he was able to out play Luke.

Donnie Liles was stepping up to fight Pete Spratt in the beginning of the round Pete had a nice combo to a nice left kick to the body but he slipped and it put him on his back to a backward summersault then pounced back to his feet. While back in the middle of the ring the exchanging began but while clinched an inadvertent low blow cause a pause in the match. The match resumed and the stand up was going to Spratt for a bit but a nice right put him on his butt against the cage for a second but Pete wasn’t about to let it end there and got away and then he put Donnie against the cage where he tried to do an inside leg trip that Pete defended and he ended up on top looking to do a bit of GnP as the bell rang. Round 2 the flurry began and Donnie jumped guard but really wasn’t able to mount an offence as Pete backed off and stood up. Pete was really landing some hard shots to the body. The match really slowed a bit as Donnie and Pete looked at how they could out strike each other but finally Donnie was in the clinch and got a takedown to side control then was able to mount and as he went for an armbar Pete rolled out and gave up his back but it was the last 10 seconds. So it was off to round 3 where Pete was taken down but Pete was fast enough to get it right back to his feet. Donnie wasn’t about to give up as he got the double leg and as he went to mount Pete rolled again to give up his back where he secured a rear naked choke 1:59 in the third.

Falaniko Vitale and Frank Trigg was the co-main event as the night was closing out and the stare down it looked like no love lost in this match. Frank came out strong and set the tone for the match as he worked the stand up but caught Falaniko in the groin. A few minutes rest and it was back to the game. Frank had Falaniko against the cage and started hammering him with elbows and upper cuts, knees everything and it made Falaniko look to escape and he did but only to the other side of the cage where in the clinch Falaniko had an over hook and as Frank was working a knee Falankio tripped Frank to the ground but Frank recovered quick and was against the cage but got out in the idle and resumed his onslaught on punches and kicks. Falaniko just seemed to be out gunned on the stand up as Frank did as he wanted. Round 2 Frank exhorted his will on Falaniko just with a little less power. Frank had Falaniko against the cage just teeing off on him for most of the round. Fatigue was obviously setting in as Frank really wasn’t as active in this round but he out scored the game Falaniko. So was round 3 going to be the same? Yup it was except Frank did get a takedown in the first 30 seconds where he landed in half guard and as he tried to work but Falaniko got it back to the feet where they fell asleep against the cage till the ref work em up and that was where Falaniko got a great right hook that put Frank on his heels. Frank recovered and went on the attack with knees and jabs. He shot in and put it against the cage again but this time Falaniko got it the mat with a double leg but Frank got back to his feet and just picked Falaniko apart with jabs and combos. Frank ended up getting a takedown in the last 30 where he finished the round out in his guard. Frank ended up winning with a judge’s unanimous decision.

Dwayne Ludwig and Sam Morgan was the final match and Sam wasn’t about to keep it standing as he got the clinch and did the body drag to the ground but Dwayne didn’t want that so he got back to his feet and he pushed it to the fence but not before catching Sam with a nice knee to the stomach. Then Dwayne kick tripped sam to the ground where he landed in his guard and Sam kick pushed him off but Dwayne landed a great left to the body that dropped Sam to the ground and Dwayne came in for the kill and pounced on him and kept pounding until Sam tapped.



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