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Esco's Editorials

 Winning - Nowadays people celebrate with flashy high-fives, guys pointing at their muscles, high chest-to-chest bumps, screams and other such emotional outlets when they win, hit a home run, make the winning shot, sink that 30-foot putt.

 Our emotions seem to run rampant and we do whatever it takes to let people know that we did some outstanding feat. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, since I have been guilty of it myself. Rarely do you see a guy, like the vintage Barry Sanders, simply hand the ball to a referee after scoring the winning touchdown. No emotional display, he just gave the ball to the referee and ran back to the huddle.

 Losing - What about the guy that loses his boxing match and blames the referee? The guy who throws a temper tantrum after losing and won't shake his opponents hand? The guy who misses the putt that could have given him a million-dollar payday and then cries to the press about the injustices he's suffered? What about a guy like... Ryron Gracie, who just happens to be one of the sons of the famous Rorian Gracie and the nephew of Royce, Rickson and relative to many others of the famous Gracie family. Recently, Ryron fought a sport jiu-jitsu match against Mike Rose of Team Caique. Mike was a student of Rorian and Ryron and Caique, before Caique left the Torrance Gracie Academy to open his own school. Ryron was expected to win, especially since his younger brother, Rener, beat Mike a year earlier at the King of the Hill tournament. Popular thought is, "A Gracie shouldn't lose. They know all the secret techniques." Well, Ryron lost.

Ryron Gracie

 Sportsmanship When Losing - After the fight, Ryron congratulated Mike on what some would say was a huge upset. He then had a 10 second chat with Caique, Mike's coach. This in itself is somewhat normal. But what happened next was something that you just don't see nowadays. Something a little refreshing... that soon-to-be-famous, Ryron smile. I don't know what was going on inside his head, but his outward appearance displayed a look as if he had just won. I had a chance to say a couple of words to him after his defeat and could see no difference in his demeanor. A few minutes later he was down on the mat coaching his brother Rener. I said to myself, " Isn't this the guy who just lost?!?!" He would later enter the open division and claw his way back to the finals to face, of all people, his brother. Instead of seeing who was better between the two siblings, Rener decided to forfeit the championship to his older brother. Ryron was not happy with that; and decided a double-leg should be applied on his youngest brother in jest. Again, the classic Ryron smile permeated the auditorium. You could see the two brothers just love the game of jiu-jitsu.

 Jockin'- Is this writer jockin' on the Gracie brothers, especially since he belongs to the Gracie Torrance rival, Machado Jiu-Jitsu Academy? I think not. I had a chance to meet the two brothers a year or so ago trying to coordinate a super fight between them and some other fighters. They both seemed humble, not the cockiness some would expect to see from the future of the Gracie family.

 I had heard a lot of negative reports about the Gracie family and had sometimes myself been caught up in the "Machado vs. Gracie" hype. But after meeting these two guys and speaking with them throughout last year, I have determined they are both class acts. With that said, if I ever lost a match, ball game, miss the putt and then have to acknowledge the loss, no matter how I feel, I will say to myself, "What would Ryron Gracie do?" He would probably shake the guy's hand, give him a congratulatory hug and tell him, "Good job."

Ryron Gracie

DISCLAIMER: These are not necessarily the thoughts, comments or opinions of GrappleTV. However, they are the thoughts, comments and opinions of Esco. If you feel there is something I left out, was totally wrong on or if you want to write a rebuttal, send your e-mail Esco's Editorial. If I feel like it, I will post your reply... but don't hold your breath.

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