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Updated: October 21, 2005
Submisson while opponent has your back and crosses his legs (Ryron & Rener Gracie) (10MB)
Submission while opponent has your back and figure four/body lock on you (Ryron & Rener Gracie) (29MB)
Butterfly Guard escape - Version I (Rigan Machado) (7MB)
Butterfly Guard escape - Version II (Rigan Machado) (7MB)
Transition from half guard to full guard (Ica Medina) (15MB)

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Question: How can I set up a sweep from closed guard?
Rigan Machado
Rigan shows the basic setup. Rigan sweeps opponent starting from closed guard.
Rigan starts with opponent in closed guard.
Rigan places feet on opponents hips.
Rigan sits up and places opponent in butterfly guard.

Rigan gets underhooks on his opponent.

Rigan lifts opponent in air.
Rigan positions feet to sweep opponent.
Rigan completes sweep and mounts opponent.
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Leka vs. Gazzy video clip

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