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Tournament of Pros Invitational Tournament

This is a 2-disc set. 

DISC 1 - Tournament of Pros tournament which took place on April 15, 2006.  It was a no-time-limit, invitation only, tournament.  There were 2, 8-man weight brackets.  Heavy weights and light weights. 

The fighters included:
Rani Yahya (Rickson Gracie)
Dale Frank (Caique)
Steve Magdaleno (Caique)
Robert Braslin
Takumi Nakayama (Paraestra)
Adrian Nasal
Dylan Spicer
Brendt Stuchlik (Fabio Santos)
Greg McIntyre (Dean Lister)
Jared Rollins (Franco DeCarmago)
James Wilks (Paul Vunak)
Givanildo Santana (Lotus)
Asa Fuller (Cleber Luciano)
Nate Diaz (Cesar Gracie). 

There were also 2 superfights:
Rani Yahya (Rickson Gracie) vs. Gilbert Melendez (Fairtex)
Jeff Glover (Franginha) vs. Naoya Uematsu (Shooto).

DISC 2 - The never-before-released 2004 Choked Out Surfer (Randy Bloom) Surf/BJJ Camp.  The 2004 camp was a 1 day seminar that featured techniques taught by Rodrigo Medeiros, Rey Diogo, Joe Moreira, Randy Bloom and Ricardo "Hellraiser" Teixeira.

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Southern California Pro-Am Invitational DVD

This was a NO TIME LIMIT, no-gi tourmanament in which the DVD is becoming the premier tournament DVD by which all future productions will be compared to. Setting new standards. See why everyone is saying this is the best produced BJJ/MMA DVD they've ever seen!

Watch Ryron & Rener Gracie in their first no-gi tournament with fighters such as Pan-Am and Mundial champ, Cassio Werneck; UFC Veteran, Gerald Strebendt; Pan-Am champ and Machado BB, Paulo Guillobel; KOTC champ Joe Stevenson, and many others!


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Joe Moreira Black Belt Challenge

1) Alex Pauilhao (Ryan Gracie) x Marcelo Ferreriao (Rigan Machado)
2) Ricardo Barros (Ralph Gracie) x Julio Nardon (Renato Magno)
3) Ricardo 'Hellraiser'Teixeira (Joe Moreira) x Daniel Coyote (Brazil Team)
4) Dartanian Bagby (Wander Braga) x Martin Sanchez (Joe Moreira)
5) Waldomiro Perez (Marcus Vinicius) x Gustavo Moreira (Joe Moreira)
6) João Silva (Aloisio Silva) x Jared Weiner (LLoyd Irvin)
7) Ica Medina (Rigan Machado) x Chris Smith ( Charles Gracie )
8 ) Paulo Guillobel (Machado) x João Cunha (Ralph Gracie )
9) Cassio Werneck x Mark Kompaneyets (Marcus Vinicius )
10) Wander Braga x Fabio Vinelli (Machado)


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